The solutions of how to avoid the cutting size inaccuracy

There may have below possibilities that lead the size cutting errors:

Problem1:X or Y axis size cutting errors(Eg:You want to cut 1000mm,but the real cutting size is 998mm)

Solutions: Adjust the pulse equivalent in CNC system(Per mm encoder count)

1.Go to Hypertherm system and press F4 set→F5 password (1396)→F6 axis(Or F2 Transverse)to adjust the encoder count of each millimeter(figure1).

how to avoid the cutting size inaccuracy

Figure 1

2.Go to VUP CNC system to set, F4 set→F5 password(HB5681)→F4 axis or F2 Transverse  to adjust the encoder count of each millimeter(figure 2)

Figure 2

3.Go to HBCNC system,F4 parameter set→F5 system to adjust(Figure

Figure 3

Problem 2: The size of X and Y axis are correct but diagonal line size is not correct,then it is not a true circle when you cut a circle. (figure4)

Figure 4


1.Let us Observe the initiative side rail clamp rail (figure 5), to confirm on both sides of the rail clamping device and rail are all in contacted, if there have rail clamping devices that did not contact with the rail please adjust the eccentric shaft, making its clamping, to confirm that rail clamping devices are clamping within the effective stroke

Figure 5

1.If clip rail is clamping, there are possibles that the rail and beam are not perpendicular that may lead this problems aboves. (Figure6)

Figure 6


Firstly, ensure that the main trolley’s motor (Figure 7) is enabled, then loose the screw (Figure 8) which connects main trolley and cross beam. Loose the slave trolley’s motor (Figure 9), push the slave trolley a distance, then tighten the screw, close the slave trolley’s motor. Test cutting or marking, if the cutting catercorner is still not accurate,

Figure 7

Figure 8

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