Why do you need a laser metal cutting machine for compressor plates

Each part of the compressor needs to be systematically cut, formed, and manufactured to work properly, which is why the laser metal cutting machine is essential when manufacturing the compressor valve plate.

A well-made compressor plate, also known as a compressor valve plate, can mean the difference between a high-efficiency compressor and a compressor that the manufacturer has to spend money on in each work cycle.

Compressor plates that are well-suited to the rest of the system can withstand:

  • Higher temperature
  • Additional impact
  • Stricter working environment
  • Longer service time

A high-quality compressor board is a wise investment.

To understand why laser metal cutting machines are essential when manufacturing compressor plates, it is important to understand what compressor plates are and how they work.

Since the material used to make this important part is critical, we will also consider the best material for the compressor valve plate.

What are compressor valve plates and what are their functions?

The compressor valve plate is critical to the performance of any compressor.

They are the supervisors of the system.

The compressor valve plate seals the gap between the pressure difference areas in the compressor cycle of the entire system.

When the substance (gas or other substances) in the compressor is not uniform, the valve opens, allowing it to move freely and safely from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area.

* As the compressor moves in its working cycle, this happens again and again.

Demand for high-quality materials

Since the job of the valve plate is very important, it must be durable and made of high-quality materials.

They must resist fatigue and it is important that they can withstand any number of harsh environments:

  • Corrosive acid
  • Toxic or hot gas
  • Extreme temperature

All of these and more will damage the performance of the compressor valve plate, thereby affecting the performance of the entire compressor.

Downtime is expensive and frustrating, but it can be avoided by using the correct composite material and valve plate application.

When the valve plate is carefully constructed and designed, focusing on thermal stability and overall durability, it can provide extremely reliable service for a long period of time.

Dimensional stability: the hallmark of a powerful compressor valve plate

Since compressor valve plates are not "one size fits all", achieving the best design and carefully crafted products is essential.

In addition to being elastic, the valve plate must also be proven to be durable, because it will play a vital role in every work cycle.

  • To avoid vibration and provide a safer working environment, the valve plate should also be quiet and efficient.
  • When a surge causes the valve to vibrate, it should also prove to be resistant to breakage. A shorter-expression is to state that the material that makes up the valve plate is "dimensionally stable.

When the compressor valve plate is dimensionally stable, the speaker refers to the ability to maintain its shape and characteristics while operating according to its intended purpose.

When machine parts such as compressor valve plates are carefully and correctly cut using a laser metal cutting machine and made of suitable materials, dimensional stability is maintained.

laser metal cutting machine compressor valve plates

Why laser metal cutting machines are ideal for compressor plates

When it comes to stainless steel, most people think of high-end appliances.

Stainless steel is popular in many different applications for a reason: it is:

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Preservative
  • Composed of relatively readily available materials

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel, nickel, chromium, and a small amount of carbon.

It is not only used in electrical appliances but also in:

  • Surgical Instruments
  • Jewelry
  • cooking utensils
  • Industrial application

Stainless steel does not conduct electricity and can withstand large temperature changes.

This means that, unlike stainless steel refrigerators, the stainless steel compression valve plate is cut more carefully.

Different types of stainless steel are best used for different parts and functions.

How laser profiling can help improve efficiency

The best compressor plates are elegantly designed to provide higher fatigue resistance;

An over-designed valve plate is more costly in terms of design, production, and operation because it is likely to prove to be inefficient.

Accuracy is the key.

Laser profiling and cutting is the process of scribing machine parts with incredible precision.

Since grade 410 stainless steel is well matched to this process, it is ideal for maintaining efficiency.

420-grade stainless steel is also a good choice.

Proper sealing means that the piston can work safely, and there is no valve wear and debris in the system.

Precision cutting

When the compressor plate is laser cut, it will be accurately measured and sliced, which means it will be perfectly installed in the machine.

The smallest area of machine parts will not rub or collide with other parts, thereby improving efficiency and increasing the service life of the valve plate.

The defects on the surface of the parts are eliminated, and the smooth surface is easier to clean and maintain.

Precision cutting creates precision mechanical parts.

When the valve is accurately scanned and cut, it will be more reliable and can depend on each work cycle.

Further quality-control tests and inspections are also important, as are the flattening and finishing steps.

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