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Honeybee CNC specializes in providing intelligent, digital and automated laser solutions.
We are producing durable easy use CNC Plasma Cutting machine and laser machines for beginners, operators, or CNC machinists. Honeybee CNC offers a comprehensive laser and plasma cutting solution, not just a machine!

Make Metal cutting works more easier!

How to Choose

How to choose a laser cutting machines?

Plasma & laser machines are widely used and have many types. Honeybee CNC has the most complete product line in the industry and classifies machines according to usage scenarios. Find the most suitable cnc plasma and laser cutting machine for you from the category below!


If you already have your own Workshop, but you are looking for a plasma cutting machine that can quickly increase the EFFICIENCY of the workshop and improve the cutting effect !


Designed for education, metal DIY enthusiasts, and metal artists to better solve the cutting restrictions brought by the home environment.

Industrial Factory

Efficiency is Competitiveness “Economical, Reliable, and High-Quality” Saves Labo Cost, Saves Production Costs, High Efficiency, and High Cutting Accuracy which are the major purpose of Honeybee.

Welding Factory

For small welding workshop,mostly use for straight cut and sometime need bevel cutting

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CNC Projects & Applications


Best Laser Cutting Projects, Plans, Ideas, Files, and Applications

Metal Laser Cutter for Colored Stainless Steel Projects

Fiber laser cutting machine is used for colored stainless steel cutting projects of metal crafts and metal art, from which you can get the most useful ideas to find the best metal laser cutting machine.

Metal Pipe and Tube Laser Cutting Projects

Metal pipe laser cutting machine is used to cut wires and holes of different diameters from different directions on metal pipes and pipes.

High Power Fiber Laser Cutter for Metal Projects

The high-power fiber laser cutting machine adopts the German IPG optical fiber light source, which has the characteristics of energy saving, low cost, good compatibility, strong stability and excellent processing capacity.

The Best Laser Tube Cutter Projects

Cutter for MetalLaser pipe cutting machine uses 500W, 1000W, 2000W or 3000W fiber laser source to cut lines and holes on square/round/rectangular/oval metal tubes and pipes.


Industry experience

Over 16 years of CNC plasma and laser experience, strict production process and detection,Considering for customers more .

High quality products

Easy use design and top quality machine parts using makes every machine are durable and EASY to Use!

Technical team

Professional design and technical team tailored for your Metal Plate and Pipe Cutting Solutions

After-sale Service

Professional technical support provide consultation service at 24hour/ 7days online English language service

Quality certifications

Honeybee CNC gained a series of certification such as CE and patents

To pick the best metal laser cutter for your job

Metal laser cutting machines have become easier to use, safer, more flexible, and more affordable.

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